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I teach Yoga as a transformative practice, in which you move, rest, feel, breathe, tune in and listen deeply to whatever you need. Our regular practice together can guide us to learn to observe the rhythms, patterns and habits of the body and mind. Whether during a pause between breaths or in deep focus during a balancing posture we can learn to listen again to the body’s natural needs.


Most classes begin with a meditation on the breath aimed at helping us to let go of tension and to begin to cultivate a sense of inner calm. We then start some gentle stretching to open up the body, before moving on to stronger posture work, designed to improve strength, stamina and mobility over time. Throughout the practice we observe and work closely with the breath, which can help centre us and support our yoga practice. We then start to slow down before coming into a deep relaxation. 

Yoga in Küssnacht am Rigi_edited.jpg
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